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Thanks to generous support from Neuroderm, in July 2022 Parkinson's Europe was able to bring together artists living with Parkinson’s, neurologists, brains specialists, geriatricians and digital specialists for an innovative two day workshop. The Innovation Lab was a unique opportunity for participants to experiment with immersive experiences and explore how to raise awareness, inspire and encourage exploration of the ‘creative burst’ experienced by people with Parkinson’s. It also enabled participants to learn from each other in an informal, safe and creative space.

This collaborative workshop took place at the Market Hall in Plymouth which is home to the only immersive dome of its kind in Europe. Led by creative producers Professor Mike Phillips (Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Director of iDAT Lab at Plymouth University, UK) and Lindsey Hall (Chief Executive of the Real Ideas Organisation), the workshop focused on exploration and experimentation, bringing in diverse voices, while increasing understanding among disciplines and lived experiences.

On the left: participants in the immersive dome discussing the use of technology to raise awareness of Parkinson's creativity /  On the right: participants at the Innovation Lab experimenting with virtual reality

One of the most powerful features of the Innovation Lab proved to be the multidisciplinary exchange of experiences and ideas for raising awareness, encouraging exploration of Parkinson’s creativity and improving the well-being of people with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s Europe encourages further investigation into the positive benefits of creativity. We will share events, research and ideas on our Parkinson’s creativity map. Click here for more information or email us with your creativity updates.

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