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Parkinson’s Europe's goal is to help advance good practices in treatment, care and wellbeing by acting as a hub for the exchange of information between local, national, European and global organisations.

The Innovation Lab 2022 demonstrated how the promotion, collaboration and exploration of Parkinson’s creativity can help support well-being and research. We have since set up a Parkinson’s creativity map below to help share and promote activities and events across the globe.

If you are running a workshop, exhibition, research study or any other initiative relating to Parkinson’s creativity, please fill in the form below or email us and we will add it to the map.

The information on this page and on the map is given for information purposes only and does not represent an endorsement by Parkinson's Europe of any particular treatments, therapies or products. Parkinson’s Europe makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness or accuracy of information provided.

Tell us what you are creating and we’ll add it to the map!

Parkinson’s creativity – further links and contacts

1. World Parkinson’s Congress – check out the programme for creativity talks and workshops which includes:
Wednesday July 5th (13.30-15.00): Workshop – Sparking creativity: Maximizing your wellbeing
Wednesday July 5th (15.30-17.00): Roundtable 12 – Creativity, the brain and Parkinson’s

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