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Cycling challenge

Tony and team during his 100 Day Challenge


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I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that it would become this big, that I would meet so many people along the way, and be able to share my story and listen to theirs

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It was a great start to raise awareness for Parkinson’s and deep brain stimulation and inspiring to see that so many people are following my challenge

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My first day on the road, and what a remarkable and eventful day in my life! I couldn’t be more excited about setting things in motion, starting with myself

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Tony - Cycling
And who knows, maybe a new project is waiting for me and my journey will continue
On route with some bad weather
We can only achieve something if we act together – in daily life and in our fight against Parkinson’s.
An image of the road ahead on Tony's 100 Day Challenge
It has been fascinating for me to see how many people are interested in my journey, and I hope that this gives other people with Parkinson’s a little bit of courage not to give up
After two years with deep brain stimulation therapy, I want to encourage others to make the most of life despite Parkinson’s disease!

Tony being interviewed by local TV

Tony with some of his supporters Tony and the team ride into a town

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