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Thank you for showing your support for having World Parkinson’s Day officially recognised and observed as a global health day.

World Parkinson’s Day has been commemorated for over 30 years, but isn’t yet officially recognised by the World Health Organisation. We’d like to change that.

We're keeping track of how many people click through to this web page to show their support* and we will share the final numbers after World Parkinson's Day, in the hopes of raising awareness of just how important World Parkinson’s Day is to the millions of people it affects around the world.

This campaign is really important to us, because we hope achieving this goal will allow us to convince policymakers to do more to help.

In the mean time, join our network and find out more about World Parkinson's Day.

*How are we keeping track of how many people show their support?
We're using Google Analytics to give us data about the number of clicks of support we're getting, and which countries these clicks are coming from. This information is collected completely anonymously – read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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