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A host of global Parkinson’s organisations have joined forces to develop and launch a new logo – dubbed ‘The Spark – ahead of World Parkinson’s Day on 11 April. The logo is an attempt to allow the Parkinson’s community to speak with one voice and create a universal symbol of Parkinson’s.

The Spark is the result of an active collaboration between international Parkinson’s organisations including Parkinson's Europe, PD Avengers, Parkinson’s Foundation, Davis Phinney Foundation, Brian Grant Foundation and Cure Parkinson’s.

Any organisation, individual, or groups who want to highlight and support the annual World Parkinson's Day will be able to use The Spark on their promotional material for any events, campaigns or communications as part of the day.

The Spark is inspired by dopamine – the electro-chemical neurotransmitter that people with Parkinson’s are striving to retain. The group of organisations aim for this bolt to energise the Parkinson’s community around a more coordinated annual World Parkinson’s Day event, eventually bringing organisations and individuals together under one recognised umbrella that will lead to greater awareness, impact and ultimately positive change.                    

“Parkinson's Europe is incredibly proud to be a part of this very unique global coalition of Parkinson’s organisations. We all have the same goal: for the ’spark’ logo to, over time, help the Parkinson’s community speak with one voice on World Parkinson's Day – thereby amplifying our own individual voices, and creating a bigger impact globally year after year,” said Dominic Graham, Parkinson's Europe Operations Director. “People with Parkinson’s and their families cannot wait for change to happen to them. We need to create that change ourselves, and we hope this logo will be an important step in that direction.” 

“The ‘who’s who’ of Parkinson’s have combined forces behind a new symbol to keep the condition front of mind for everyone,” added Larry Gifford, co-founder of PD Avengers, a global advocacy group led by people with Parkinson’s and supported by dozens of Parkinson’s organisations and thousands of individuals. “The Spark is intended to electrify a powerful movement and change how all of us think about Parkinson’s.”

To download and share The Spark – and join the World Parkinson’s Day movement – visit

In the coming years, it is hoped that repeated use of The Spark will:

  1. build wider recognition of World Parkinson's Day and what it's about 
  2. help those outside the Parkinson's community take notice and be impacted by World Parkinson’s Day
  3. create greater impact around the topic of Parkinson's because it will appear as one recognisable identity instead of many different ones
  4. allow the Parkinson’s community to speak with a united voice on specific issues, such as the need for governments to recognise the impact of the condition
  5. act as a single authoritative message and visual identity, uniting communities of the world impacted by Parkinson's 
  6. be a single brand recognised by media around the world to raise awareness of the global prevalence and impact of Parkinson's 
  7. showcase World Parkinson’s Day as an organised partnership that connects more readily with world leaders and decision makers.

Share your Spark on World Parkinson's Day

People impacted by Parkinson’s are being asked to stand up, speak out and unite by sharing The Spark with friends, family and on social media channels on World Parkinson’s Day (11 April) each year. People can either personalise The Spark or share one of dozens of pre-made graphics. Learn more at

How did the idea of the Spark come about?

In August 2021, a partnership of groups and individuals dedicated to campaigning about Parkinson's – see above – got together and agreed that World Parkinson’s Day needed greater impact, coordination and recognition.

There was a call for submissions, asking members of the global Parkinson’s communities to submit ideas and inspiration for the logo. A design was chosen that the group felt reflected the spirit of Parkinson’s, but would also work effectively in multiple design and national settings.

How was the Spark developed?

The Spark was designed in partnership with Franklyn (, a creative studio based in Brooklyn, New York. The six-month effort was comprehensive and engaged a global community of organisations, people with Parkinson’s and advocates. “This was a tall task, as whatever symbol we crafted for the global Parkinson’s community had to be simple, urgent, and tied to the condition itself. Creating a logo that is also customisable and truly ‘open-source’ – which means anyone can download it, draw it, draw on it and use it to tell their own stories – is also what makes it powerful, personal and deeply emotional,” said Michael Freimuth, Franklyn Co-Founder.

Extra quotes

“The Davis Phinney Foundation is proud to participate in this global partnership to increase awareness of Parkinson’s. Awareness, health literacy, and community support are just as critical to our mission of helping people with Parkinson’s live well today as they are to ultimately ending Parkinson’s, and we stand in solidarity with the call to increase advocacy, reduce stigma, and change the way people live with Parkinson’s.”

Polly Dawkins, Davis Phinney Foundation

“Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world and it needs to be recognised as an urgent health priority. I hope that this year’s World Parkinson’s Day will be the spark that creates a sense of urgency within international health agencies and governments, and leads to significant investment into research for treatments that change the progression of Parkinson’s. It is time to end Parkinson’s.”

Helen Matthews, Cure Parkinson’s Deputy CEO

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