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Membership benefits


Welcome video from Veronica Clark, Parkinson's Europe president

A key Parkinson's Europe strategic aim is to “facilitate the free flow of good Parkinson’s-related practices across and between European countries” – and this statement lies at the heart of our membership offer.

Please find below what Parkinson's Europe can offer you when becoming a member.

"Being a member of Parkinson's Europe is very stimulating!" - France Parkinson, France

We share

By becoming a Parkinson's Europe member, we will share information about what is happening in the wider world of Parkinson’s, outside of your own country. You will be able to exchange good practice and connect with like-minded organisations.

  • You will learn about important Parkinson’s-related projects, initiatives and good practices that are already taking place across Europe. For example, here are some of Parkinson's Europe's projects that have benefited from our members’ support and engagement – but there are many others currently taking place!
  • Many members find they gain visibility from being part of a European organisation.

"Being a member of Parkinson's Europe allows us to be part of a global network around Parkinson's disease, through which to share information, best practices and knowledge to improve the quality of life of people living with Parkinson's." - Federación Española de Párkinson, Spain

We connect

Being a Parkinson's Europe member connects you with the wider Parkinson’s community and provides ideal opportunities to network with your European colleagues.

  • We connect you with other Parkinson's Europe member organisations in a number of ways via:
    • our exclusive members’ meetings and annual general meeting

    • email communications with our members' newsletter, you can find an example here
    • access to our dedicated members’ forum
    • our working groups. You will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with our member organisations on subjects of interest such as advocacy or research.

"Being an active Parkinson's Europe member allows us to be an integral part of advocacy at the European level, thus having the potential to shape health policies in the European Union." - France Parkinson, France

We support

Parkinson's Europe membership supports your work, and gives you the opportunity to get your voice heard at a European level.  

  • We provide you with the opportunity to share your national projects and initiatives with a wider European audience.
  • We support your national activities, including your World Parkinson's Day (WPD) activities.
  • If available, you can apply for our Parkinson's Europe member’s grants, which can financially support your work at a national level.
  • You can attend exclusive member meetings and workshops on topics of interest. Some examples being: advocacy, communications or research.
    • Please find below some screenshots from our communications workshop as well as the downloadable slides:

    • Please find below some highlights from our advocacy workshop:

  • We can offer support and advice on
    • a) replicating other members’ initiatives in your country and/or
    • b) replicating your initiatives in other members’ countries.
  • We support your national advocacy plans by echoing them at a European level through our Parkinson’s Advocacy Group (PAG).

"As an umbrella organisation Parkinson's Europe is the biggest mouthpiece and contact within the EU Parliament to give people with Parkinson a VOICE." - Parkinson Schweiz, Switzerland

Parkinson's Europe Membership benefits brochure

Please click below to download a copy of our Membership benefits brochure which in a one-page PDF consolidates all the information given on this website.


Other opportunities Parkinson's Europe membership can offer you

  • By becoming a Parkinson's Europe member, your organisation has the opportunity to put forward a representative to apply to become a Parkinson's Europe Board member – click here to find out more details.
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