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Our Engagement Network unites people from all over Europe so they can shape the future of how Parkinson's is managed, treated and help towards finding a cure.


Who the network is for

It's for anyone who wants to be actively engaged in helping themselves or others to improve life with Parkinson's. You may be a person with Parkinson's interested to hear about physical activities or new cutting edge research in which to take part, or perhaps you are a healthcare professional who needs to know of new learning opportunities so you can better help Parkinson's patients. Either way, you all have one thing in common: helping people with Parkinson's live their best life. Parkinson's Europe wants to join the dots by introducing you to information and opportunities that will help you achieve this.

How does it work

You sign up to become a network member and tell us exactly what opportunities you are interested in hearing about. As soon as one of those opportunities becomes available we will email you. And then you take the next step if you want to take part. It's as simple as that. The more you get involved with, the more impact you will have on the world of Parkinson’s.

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What kind of opportunities are available

If you are a person with Parkinson’s, a partner, care provider or relative, you will:

  • be the first to be offered the opportunity to be part of workshops or webinars to increase and share your knowledge about Parkinson’s;

  • take part in and shape new research trials, putting you in touch with experts in the field of Parkinsons;

  • bring your voice forward as part of lobbying governments and decision makers so they can hear how you want change;

  • share your opinions and experiences to help professionals in the world of medicine, care and research to understand more about the effects of Parkinson's, enabling them to improve products, treatment and services;

  • learn about activities you can be part of across Europe, in your country or linked to your local or regional Parkinson’s organisation.

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If you are a medical or healthcare professional, you will be able to:

  • keep abreast of the latest Europe-wide research activities so you can signpost you patients to them;

  • offer your own expertise and insight to enrich research and development into Parkinsons;

  • take advantage of opportunities to enhance your professional development in the field of Parkinson's;

  • be part of workshops that need your voice to make sure that changes being made in the Parkinson’s clinical world represent you;

  • get involved with advocacy initiatives to improve the Parkinson’s picture in Europe.

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