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Member organisations

About membership

Parkinson's Europe members are Parkinson’s organisations and affiliate organisations which are based in Europe (or in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea), and are legally constituted according to the laws and practices of their countries of origin.

Parkinson's Europe is a patient organisation that is inclusive and benefits from the wealth of expertise and experience supplied by its membership. We have therefore three types of membership:

Membership (Parkinson’s) organisations

Not for profit organisations based in any European country that represent a membership of people with Parkinson’s and carers.


Not for profit organisations based in any European country who have a special interest in Parkinson’s, with no individual members.

Both these membership categories will have voting rights and will need to pay a membership fee to join.


Parkinson's organisations outside of Europe and individuals, including people with Parkinson’s, carers, healthcare professionals and other people with a particular interest in Parkinson’s. 

There is no membership fee and Friends do not have voting rights.

This category is so that we can keep our Friends updated on news, events and opportunities to get involved in activities that will help the Parkinson’s community. 

Click here for details on how to join.

Member organisations list

Parkinson's Europe has member organisations in more than 20 European countries. You can find contact details for all of them below.

Active members

Affiliate members

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